ofc 574.259.5257  fax 574.258.7668

Mark Kirzeder, Principal

Anne Brusky, Assistant Principal

Pam Hardig, Administrative Assistant 

Admissions/Public Relations

ofc  574.259-5257  fax  574.258.7668

Mary Kay Dance, Director  

Jane Callan, Assistant  

Colleen Pingel, Assistant  


ofc 574.259.5858  fax 574.258.7669

Steve Ravotto, Director 

Kyle Hanyzewski, Associate Director 




ofc 574.259.5257  fax 574.258.7668

Ryan Dainty, Dean of Student Formation  

Rosanne Imus, Attendance Administrative Assistant 


ofc  574.259.5257  fax 574.258.7668

Nancy Piekarski, Manager

Business Office

ofc 574.255.2020  fax 574.258.7668

Larry Daher, Manager   

Jane Callan, Assistant  

Kristah Quijada, Assistant 


ofc  574.258.7675  fax  574.258.7668

Alicia Redinger, Director   

Colleen Ravotto, Assistant   ofc  574.258.7676

Tammy Wever, Administrative Assistant  ofc 574.258.7676

Chris Grossnickle, Event Coordinator   ofc  574.258.7676


ofc 574.259.5257  fax 574.258.7668

Reggie Glon, Director of Facilities

Dominic Mammolenti, Director of Maintenance


Food and Nutrition Services

ofc 574.259-5257  fax 574.258.7668

Cami Whitten, Manager


Health and Wellness

ofc  574.259.5257  fax 574.258.7668

Deb Cseh, Nurse

Library/Media Services

ofc 574.259.5257  fax 574.258.7668

Mary Dlugosz, Librarian/Media Specialist 


Pastoral Ministry

ofc  574.259.5257  fax 574.258.7668

Fr. Chris Lapp, Chaplain 

Anelia (Lea) Snyder, Pastoral Minister

Ryan Dainty, Dean of Student Formation

Eduardo Siguenza, Theology on CAPP & RCIA

School Counseling

ofc 574.258.7664  fax 574.258.7666

Jen Tiller, Director 

Margy Kloska, Administrative Assistant 

Kathy Cook, Counselor

Mary Quiett, Registrar 


ofc 574.258.7677  fax 574.258.7670

Byra Warner, Director 

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