The information on this page refers to the academic policies and course offerings at Marian High School.

Academic Policies are determined by our Principal after coordination and consultation with members of the Marian community and Diocesan offices.  Input and feedback are most welcomed as we all work to continuously build on past success to improve all aspects of our school environment.

Course offerings are determined by a number of factors. 

First and foremost among these factors are the state requirements for graduation with CORE 40 and Academic Honors diplomas.  Counselors work with parents and students to ensure that all students meet the requirements for graduation.

The talents of our teachers also factor into the course offerings at Marian.  Our teachers are always working to maintain and expand their qualifications.   As they progress in their professional development we hope to offer new and even more challenging courses for our students.

Student interest plays a big part in which elective classes we offer each year.  If too few students sign up for a particular elective class we are not able to offer that class.  Every effort will be made to schedule the elective classes each student requests. 

For more information on academic policies and course offerings please refer to the Curriculum Handbook link on the right side of this page.  For questions about these policies and/or course offerings please call the Marian High School Counseling at 574-258-7664. 

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