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Athletic Department
Reggie Glon
Athletic Director

Linda Martin
Assistant Athletic Director
Office # 574.259.5858
Fax # 574.258.7669

Anne Micinski 

Bob VanGoey
Ticket Manager

Clint Osborn
Media Guide Coordinator
Office # 574.259-5858

At Marian High School, Athletics are considered to be an integral part of our entire developmental program. Students develop spiritually, academically, socially, and physically. Our rich athletic tradition has been an important part of the total development of outstanding men and women.

Marian participates in numerous Varsity Sports. In addition to the varsity level we offer full B Team and Freshman programs. Approximately 70% of our student body participates in interscholastic athletics, while many more participate in our intramural athletic programs. This participation has not been without success. In the 40 years that Marian has been open, our athletics have earned more than a respectable number of awards and tournaments such as three state football championships, two state volleyball championships, and state golf championship (2001).

In the midst of all this, athletics are kept in proper perspective recognizing that a student/athlete is a student first and an athlete second.

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