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    Semester 1: 2010/2011

    August 16 - August 20

    8/16: Student orientation
    8/17: Textbook assignment and syllabus. Students are to select favorite elements and provide background information about these element from their textbooks.
    8/18: WB presentations of students' favorite elements, started discussion of writing lab reports.
    8/19: Finished procedure for writing lab reports, started writing prelab for "Finding the Relationship" lab that will start tomorrow.
    8/20: Demonstrated use of software, started lab and finish Monday.

    ?August 23- August 27

    8/23: Finished "Finding the Realtionship" lab, discussed observations made in the lab, completed college survey. Lab is due Friday, 8/27 and there will be a lab quiz covering the content of the lab.
    8/24: Introduced Unit 1-Simple Particle Description of Matter, discussed particle model based on KMT on pp. 151 and 152 of Chang and used model to describe matter, change and energy. Viewed Eureka video on Mass. Tomorrow, pre-labs for "Mass" experiments.
    8/25: Discussed 6 part experiment concerning mass. Lab will start when new balances arrive. Tomorrow, lab station assignments.
    8/26: Assigned lab stations, discussed logistics of the lab and viewed the water purification system in the chemical storage room. Balances are due tomorrow but because of the scheduled quiz, the next lab will start Monday. Tomorrow is the lab quiz over "Finding the realtionship" and discussion of precision, accuracy, significant figures, and dimensional analysis. Also, next week you will start learning the names of the elements.
    8/27: Lab quiz on "Finding the Realtionship" and discussed precision and sig. figs. Lab on Mass begins Monday. Also, next week we will be learning the first three rows of elements in the periodic table!

    ?August 30- September 3

    8/30: Started lab on "Mass," should finish tomorrow.
    8/31: Finished "Mass" lab. Tomorrow we will WB the results form this lab. Three components to the presentations will be an explanation of the results in words, the mass data, and an explanation of what was observed using the simple particle model introduced in Unit 1.
    9/1: WB presentations of the results of parts 1-4 of the lab on "Mass." Also, handed out Unit 1 worksheet 1 on Mass and Change to be included as part of the discussion section of the lab on "Mass."
    9/2: WB presentations on parts 5 & 6 of "Mass" lab. Reviewed first three rows of elements to be learned this week.
    9/3: Reviewed sig. figs. and discussed rules for sig. figs. when performing mathematical computations. Handed out two worksheets on precision and sig. figs. Lab on "Mass" due next Wednesday at which time there will be a lab quiz. Tuesday, lab quizzes over "Find the Relationship' and lab reports will be handed back.

    ?September 6- September 10

    9/6: Labor day, no classes
    9/7: Handed back "Find Relationship" lab and lab quiz, as well as WUD over first three rows of the periodic table. Assigned probelms 1.32-1.40 on page 24 of the textbook. Lab quiz over "Mass" lab and review homework.
    9/8: Lab quiz and cleanup for Parent Back to School Night. Tomorrow, class project concerning density.
    9/9: Schedule change, covered homework problems assigned 9/7 and handed out information sheet on metric conversion and a new dimensional analysis problem sheet for next Monday. Density experiment will be tomorrow.
    9/10: WUD on naming elements, density project. On Monday, review homework handout covering dimensional analysis with WB presentations and WB presentation of density data.

    ?September 13- September 17

    9/13: WB Problems from dimensional analysis worksheet and the density of copper and aluminum project. Handed out Unit 1 worksheet 4 on Applied Density problems. Tomorrow, prelab for "Density of a Gas."
    9/14: Reviewed Density worksheet (Unit 1 worksheet 4) and discussed prelab for "Density of a Gas" lab scheduled to start tomorrow. Also, handed out a problem set (Unit 1 Worksheet 3) which is due on Friday. On Friday, practice quiz for Unit 1 will be provided for a review.
    9/15: Lab #3: "Density of a Gas" was done and data posted on the board for all three periods. These data will be used next week to illustrate the statistical treatment of precision. Tomorrow, finish worksheet and lab for those who didn't finish during today's class.
    9/16: Finished lab and copied data from board for all three periods. Also, worked on worksheet (Unit 1 Worksheet 3) which is due tomorrow. Tomorrow, aluminum thickness activity, worksheet 3 is due, handout for review in preparation for Unit 1 quiz, and WUD on first 4 rows of periodic table. Review for quiz is Monday, quiz is Tuesday.
    9/17: Unit 1, worksheet 3 handed in today. WUD covering first five rows of the periodic table. Handed out Unit 1 sheets and conducted a minilab on determining the thickness of aluminum foil. Monday is review day for unit 1 quiz.

    ?September 20-September 24

    9/20: Reviewed for Unit 1 quiz.
    9/21: Unit 1 quiz.
    9/22: Handed out worksheet covering the evolution of the model used thus far to explain various chemical phenomena. Discussed alternative measure of precision using mean and standard deviation. Assigned calculating mean and standard deviations for class data from "Density of a Gas" lab. This lab is due Friday. Tomorrow start Unit 2.
    9/23: Changed the schedule, tomorrow will do Lab #4 on "Sugar Content in Beverages." Also, hand back Unit 1 quizzes for corrections over the weekend. "Density of a Gas" lab will be due Monday, as well as quiz corrections.
    9/24: Lab "Sugar Content of Beverages" performed today. Also, handed back Unit 1 quizzes for corrections, which are due Monday. Lab reports for "Density of a Gas" are also due Monday. Start Unit 2 Monday as well.

    ?September 27- October 1

    9/27: Introduced Unit 2 by talking about energy and changes of state. Handed out learning objectives for Unit 2. Tomorrow, demonstrations of diffusion of gases and in liquids, realtionship to temperature.
    9/28: Viewed short film on YouTube called "The Earliest Models" and three demonstrations of diffusion, i.e., gas in the air, dye in cold water, and dye in warm water. WB the observations from these demonstrations using our particle model and motion. Tomorrow, prediction of speed of particle movement in the gas phase and a review of KMT.
    9/29: Discussed lab on Percent Sugar in Beverages computations and viewed sim on particle movement. Tomorrow, present percent sugar data for class and start lab on phase changes.
    9/30: Lab data placed on board for students to record and started lab on phase changes. Tomorrow, continue lab, lab on Percent Sugar in Beverages due, and lab quiz.
    10/1: Lab quiz over "Percent Sugar in Beverages," continued with "Change of State" lab by illustrating phase changes for water. Monday, continue with the lab.

    ?October 4- October 8

    10/4: Reviewed Unit 1 quiz and the "Percent Sugar in Beverages" lab quiz. Tomorrow, continue with sim on particle movement and phase change.
    10/5: Viewed and discussed particle move and phase change sim. Discussed concept of pressure and realtionship between pressure, temperature, volume and amount of gas particles. Also, introduced the atmosphere as a unit of pressure. Tomorrow, finish discussion on sim and start prelab on gas laws.
    10/6: Sophomore girls on retreat today. Discussed pressure and defined the concept with our particle model. Also, discussed atmospheric pressure and the discovery of the barometer by Torricelli. Presented the units of pressure and their conversion factors and using PowerPoint presentation, discussed how gas pressure is measured with both a closed-end and open-end manometer. Handed out Unit 2 worksheet 2 on measuring pressure. Tomorrow, sophomore boys are on retreat, so the same material will be presented to the girls.
    10/7: Same as yesterday, sophomore boys on retreat.
    10/8: Reviewed pressure, units of pressure and how pressure is measured. Also went over two gas law labs for next week; one will study the relationship between pressure and volume and the other lab will investigate the relationship between pressure and temperature and amount of gas. For Monday, pre-lab for pressure vs. volume lab is due.

    ?October 11- October 15

    10/11: Started lab on Boyle's Law. Finish lab and WB results tomorrow.
    10/12: Finished lab and white boarded results. Tomorrow, PSATs.
    10/13: PSATs
    10/14: Started lab on pressure vs. volume.
    10/15: Continued lab on pressure vs. volume. Monday WB results.

    ?October 18- October 22

    10/18: Finish lab on pressure vs. volume. WB results and discuss mathematical relationship between variables.
    10/19: Discussed mathematical realtionship between 4 variables affecting the behavior of gases, i.e., P, T(K), V, and moles of gas(n). Handed out worksheet 3, Unit 2 and started working on problem 1. Tomorrow, continue with worksheet.
    10/20: Reviewed formulas for basic gas laws and introduced the combined gas equation. Continued on worksheet 3, working together in groups. Tomorrow, WB answers to worksheet questions.
    10/21: WB Problems from worksheet 3. Tomorrow, review worksheet for Unit 2. Unit 2 quiz scheduled for Tuesday, October 26.
    10/22: Started Unit 2 review using hand out.

    ?October 25- October 29

    10/25: Reviewed KMT and gas laws. Introduced ideal gas law, PV = nRT and worked some practice problems. Tomorrow, continue Unit 2 review and discuss Dalton's law of partial pressure.
    10/26: Reviewed gas laws, KMT, and introduced Dalton's Law of Partial Pressures. Unit 2 quiz tomorrow.
    10/27: Unit 2 quiz. Tomorrow, start Unit 3.
    10/28: Reviewed current model and discussed phase transitions in terms of energy involved. Introduced term of phase energy based on arrangements of particles in solid/liquid and thermal energy, the energy related to the temperature and collisions of particles. Talked about energy tranferring using term heating, working, and radiating. Next Monday we will discuss procedure for next lab.
    10/29: No school.

    ?November 1- November 5

    11/1: Three handouts; Unit 3 Learning Objectives(Energy & States of Matter), reading Energy and Kinetic Molecular Theory, and energy reading study guide. Also, discussed next lab for determining the temperature curve for the phase transitions of water. Tomorrow, the lab.
    11/2: Reinforced concepts of energy transfer, i.e., heating, working, and radiating, and the idea of energy accounts, specifically, thermal energy account, phase energy account, and chemical energy account. These are denoted as Eth, Eph, and Ech, respectively. Performed a trial run of the lab "Icy-Hot."
    11/3: Lab "Icy-Hot."
    11/4: Review lab and cover worksheet on energy. Tomorrow, Unit 2 test corrections.
    11/5: Unit 2 quiz corrections.

    ?November 8- November 12

    11/8: Reviewed energy accounts, Eth and Eph, and lab results. Also, from chapter 6, covered types of systems, state functions, and exothermic vs. endthermic processes.
    11/9: Handed out Unit 3, worksheet 2 on energy bar charts, reading on "Energy Heating/Cooling," and computational worksheet for calculating total heat from heating/cooling curve, using specific heat and heat of vaporization and fusion. Tomorrow, "Icy-Hot" lab is due and there will be a lab quiz.
    11/10: "Icy-Hot" lab due and there was a lab quiz. Also, went through computation of q using sepcific heat. Tomorrow, discuss pre-lab for determining the heat of fusion for water and continue discussion of hiow to calculate q.
    11/11: Continued discussion about calculating energy involved in the transition of ice to steam. Introduced heats of fusion and vaporization. Handed out problem set and also discussed pre-lab for monday's lab on determining the heat of fusion for water. Tomorrow, work on problems sheet and pre-lab.
    11/12: Work on pre-lab and problem sheet.

    ?November 15- November 19

    11/15: Started lab on Determination of the Heat of Fusion for Ice.
    11/16: Start computational worksheets on heat; Unit 3 worksheets 3 and 4.
    11/17: WB Unit 3 worksheets.
    11/18: WB Unit 3 worksheets.
    11/19: Reviewed for Unit 3 quiz. Unit 3 quiz scheduled for monday, November 22.

    ?November 22- November 26

    11/22: Unit 3 quiz and lab on Determination of the Heat of Fusion for Ice is due.
    11/23: Introduce Unit 4.
    11/24: Unit 4.
    11/25: Thanksgiving break.
    11/26: Thanksgiving break.

    ?November 29- December 3

    11/29: Handed back Unit 3 quizzes, corrections due tomorrow. Also, started lab on "Physical and Chemical Changes." Continue lab tomorrow.
    ?11/30: Continued lab.
    12/1: Finished lab, handed out Unit 4, worksheet 2.
    12/2: Avogadro's hypothesis
    12/3: WB Unit 4, worksheet 2, assigned Dalton's Playhouse lab at website web.visionlearning.com/dalton_playhouse/as_loader.html due Monday. Also on Monday, lab due and lab quiz.

    ?December 6- December 10

    12/6: Discussed mass ratios and formulas, labs were due and there was a lab quiz over the lab on Physical and Chemical Change.
    12/7: Introduced Unit 5 by discussing micro and macro scale mass units and the mole. Assigned problems 3.12-3.22 even from chapter 3 in their textbook.
    12/8: Handed back Unit 3 quiz corrections and reviewed quiz. Also, discussed Unit 4, worksheet 2.
    12/9: Reviewed micro and macro-scale mass realtionships for individual atoms and expanded to discussion by including molecules. Also, introduced concept of % composition and worked examples illustrating factor-label method for soving mass realtionship problems. Assigned problems 3.24-3.30 even in Chang.
    12/10: Derivation of empirical formulas from data on percent composition and assigned problems 3.40-3.54 even.

    ?December 13- December 17

    12/13: No school, snow day.
    12/14: Reviewed for final exam.
    12/15: Final exams
    12/16: Final exams
    12/17: Final exams

    ?December 20- December 31

    Holiday Break!!

    ?Semester 2: 2010/2011

    ?January 3- January 7

    1/3: Reviewed first semester final exam and topics to be covered this semester.
    1/4: Reviewed Unit 5, handed out three Unit 5 worksheets for review.
    1/5: Discussed chemical reactions within the model, rearrangement of atoms to form new molecules. Handed out the next lab on mass realtionships in a single replacement reaction, i.e., "The Nail."
    1/6: Started chapter 2 of the textbook by talking about Dalton's Atomic theory and two of the three experiments which led to our current understanding of the structure of the atom, namely, Thomson's Cathode-Ray Tube experiment and millikan's Oil-Drop experiment. Also, introduced Thomson's Plum Pudding model of the atom.

    ?January 10- January 14

    1/10: Started "Nail" lab. Also, covered how to write chemical formulas and how to name compounds with monoatomic anions.
    1/11: Day 2 of Nail lab.
    1/12: Finished Nail lab. Discussed naming compounds using polyatomic anions and metals with more than one ion form. Also, covered the various forms of the halo-oxy anions.
    1/13: Discussed how to name molecular compounds and binary acids, including a definition of acids.
    1/14: WB results from Nail lab. Lab is due Tuesday and there will be a lab quiz.

    ?January 17- January 21

    1/17: Martin Luther King Day, no classes.
    1/18: Finished chapter 2 by learning the rules for naming oxyacids and bases. Also, there was a quiz over the Nail Lab and the lab reports were due today.
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