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NHS Meeting Minutes 2/8/2012

I.       Opening Prayer
II.    Opening Business
A.     Call to Order and NHS Pledge: Connor
B.     Attendance: Madeline
C.      Minutes from last meeting: Brian
D.     Treasury report: Bridget
                                                            1.      Dues: $10
III.New Business
A.     Tutor report: Katie
                                                            1.      Tutor Requests: Honors Chemistry
                                                            2.      5th grade math tutor (female)
B.     Service report: Jesse
                                                            1.      Pick up service log at the end of the meeting
                                                            2.      Bridget: Valentines for Juday Creek 2 valentines=1 hour (4 hour max), deadline Friday
                                                            3.      Service opportunities – Sign up on Mrs. Gargac’s bulletin board
o       Winter Walk
Event for St. Margaret’s House (helps women who struggle with poverty)
Sunday, February 19th @ 2:30 p.m.
Start at: County-City Building
o       Wish Upon a Star
Disability awareness event by LOGAN Center (free!)
Sunday, February 26th @ 6:30pm
Compton Family Ice Arena
o       Challenger Little League (help children with disabilities play baseball)
C.      Moderator comments
                                                            1.      NHS Mass
                                                            2.      Marian Auction
o       Basket – bring in items for service hours
o       Auction: Saturday, March 27
                                                            3.      Reminder: South Bend Area All School Mass: Monday, February 27
IV. Closing Business
A.     Next executive meeting: Monday, March 5
B.     Next membership meeting: Wednesday, March 7
V.     Closing Prayer
VI. Adjournment