SAT ~ ACT Prep

Preparation for the college application process includes standardized testing. Because every college's admissions requirements are different, it is crucial for students to familiarize themselves with the standardized testing platforms, and to research each college's unique standards to maximize the chance for a successful application.
Students must register through College Board.

The links below are excellent resources for students who are preparing to take the college application tests, the SAT and/or the ACT. The Marian Counseling Office also has test preparation books available for loan to Marian students, and area public libraries similarly offer test preparation resources to their communities.

College Board is a not-for-profit service used nationally by high schools to connect its outbound students to the admissions arms of colleges and universities. The College Board administers both the PSAT and the SAT tests. The primary use by our students is in the collection and distribution of standardized test scores used for admissions consideration, the SAT scores for admissions decisions and the AP scores for college credit acceptance. College Board is the vehicle through which these test scores are dispersed to colleges and universities of the students’ choosing. 
The PSAT is a standardized test that is administered by College Board. Students at Marian take the PSAT in their freshman, sophomore and junior years. The usefulness of the PSAT is threefold. First, the PSAT is an important avenue for students to gain practice taking standardized tests which are a cornerstone of college admissions committee decisions. Second, PSAT results are used to qualify for National Merit Scholarships. Finally, PSAT results are one component students can use to qualify for acceptance into dual credit courses. 

The SAT and ACT are standardized tests that measure the broad knowledge base that a student has accumulated in high school and can determine a student’s relative preparedness for college-level educational programs. These test scores are used for college admissions decisions and merit-based scholarship awards.

While generally both ACT and SAT cover the same type of content, each test has its unique focus, length, rules, and strategies. Students are encouraged to research and prepare for each type of test independently. For further explanation of each test, please visit Princeton Overview of ACT and SAT.

The admissions requirements for every college and university are unique, including which standardized test scores will be accepted for admissions decisions. Students must investigate for themselves which test, or both, makes sense for them to take, and also to understand what scores need to be earned to make themselves a reasonable candidate for admissions consideration to their target institutions.

The College Board is the organizer and distributor of the PSAT and SAT. ACT governs its own testing and score distribution.