The Marian experience equips students to face challenges, overcome adversity, and lead with integrity.

Our faculty and staff on a daily basis display for our students how to be strong leaders, through the classroom setting, in the many activities, clubs and organizations they moderate, and in embodying leadership through service to others. The athletics program at Marian is an important vehicle for teaching life’s lessons that transcend the classroom.

The graduate:

has enhanced the school community by presence and participation;
has begun to appreciate the satisfaction of service to others;
has learned communicate more easily with others, especially with peers of other religions, nationalities, and socioeconomic backgrounds;
has learned how to make a commitment, to put team before self, and to sacrifice for a common objective;
has become more flexible and open to other points of view;
has recognized how much one learns from respectfully listening to those with different perspectives;
has explored career and various vocations within a Catholic value framework.