Special Events

Marian High School hosts events throughout the year to celebrate our faith and community. Each event is uniquely tailored to highlight a special group or activity. Marian families are always welcome and encouraged to join in the celebration.
Freshmen Mass and Prayer Breakfast

To bless the beginning of their time at Marian High School, the Freshmen class and their parents are invited to celebrate Mass together. Following Mass, breakfast is served and a guest speaker provides guidance for both students and parents as to how to live and grow as faithful Christians.

Vocations Day

Priests and Religious Brothers and Sisters visit with the Theology classes to share information about their own vocations. In addition, seminarians from our diocese visit regularly, meeting with students in classes and at lunch.

Grandparents Day

Grandparents are invited to join their Marian grandchildren for a morning of prayer and thanksgiving.

May Crowning

In the month of May the Marian school community holds a Marian Procession in honor of Our Blessed Mother. Representatives are chosen from various clubs and extracurriculars who model Christian character, service, and leadership, to participate in the procession.



Keynote Address Archive

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