Personal Counseling


Marian offers an exceptional school environment for high school students by providing an outstanding academic program. However, growing up is not always an easy process and various problems can interfere with a student’s pursuit of success. Academic stress, peer pressure, personal or family issues, teenage rebellion or experimentation, and other negative forces can weigh on students in this critical time of adjustment.

The Marian High School Counseling Department is dedicated to helping students deal with and overcome personal problems that affect their ability to learn at school. Our school counselors are educated and trained to counsel students in order for them to succeed academically. While there are limits to the help department personnel can provide, the Marian counselors will do their best to help students in need and/or refer these students to professionals in the local community for specialized care. Pastoral care by Marian’s Ministry team offers students healing, hope and support as they grow in their spiritual lives, often in coordination with the counseling department team.

Confidentiality is always a concern when counseling students. Students and their parents can be assured that any issue brought to the attention of any of our department members will be dealt with discretely and in a professional manner. There are times, however when, in the professional judgment of the department member counseling the student, others must be informed of situations that are discussed in private. Specifically whenever a student indicates an abusive relationship or any circumstances that indicate that the student may be in danger of harming himself/herself or others a counselor must comply with Indiana law and notify appropriate authorities.

In times of emotional stress or crisis, students are urged to seek immediate help through our Counseling Department. No appointment is necessary.

The Marian Counseling Department work with families to refer to appropriate outside agencies as needed.