Learning Strategies Center

The Learning Strategies Center is a resource for students that works in collaboration with teachers and counselors to help students who are experiencing challenges across the academic curriculum. Students are empowered to improve in areas of organization, time management, test-taking strategies, and note taking. Students who attend Marian with Individual Educational Plans (IEPs) are welcomed into the Marian Family, and the Learning Strategies Center has developed a robust program in response to the needs of this part of our Family.

This is not a tutoring program, as students will continue to work with their teachers first for extra help in specific subjects. Instead, the Learning Strategies Center is designed to help the student who needs to improve his or her overall set of learning skills to achieve academic success in the classroom.

Students are able to utilize this resource for the entire year or for a shorter duration of time as determined by our Learning Strategies Center staff, teachers, counselors, and school administrators. The ultimate goal of the Learning Strategies Center is for the students to reach a point where they no longer need to utilize the Center while at Marian.

Introducing the Bernadette Scholars Program

The Bernadette Scholars Program is an extension of our Learning Strategies Department and rooted in our Catholic mission. The program is specifically designed to serve a small cohort of students who will focus on tangible goals, such as living independently or maintaining employment, while participating in all events and activities in the school community. 

Visit our Bernadette Scholars page for more information!