Attendance Office

When a student must miss school, the parent or guardian must contact the Attendance Office to notify the school of the absence by 10:00am. A student must attend the last half of the school day (in class by 11:30am) in order to participate in any athletic or extra-curricular activities that day. If a student leaves school during the day due to illness, he/she may not return that day for any type of function.

Please review the Student Parent Handbook for all policies and procedures regarding attendance, return to school, make-up work, and participation eligibility.
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College visits are an important part of planning a student's future beyond Marian High School. Before visiting a college campus, the student must notify the Attendance Office of the planned absence at least 24 hours in advance of the date of absence.
A note from the college where the student visited with confirmation of attendance must be submitted to the Attendance Office upon the student's return to Marian in order to mark the absence as excused. Juniors and Seniors are allowed two excused visits per school year for visiting colleges.
If a student is absent for five consecutive days due to illness (including concussion) or has contracted a contagious disease, a physician's statement may be required in order for the student to return to school. In such cases, when the student is ready to return, a meeting will be set with the student, parent(s), counselor, teachers, and an administrator, to discuss the successful reintegration of the student to Marian.
Parents should notify the school in advance of a planned extended absence, such as family vacation. Students will receive a form from the main office to show his/her teachers, and the teachers will inform the student of his/her academic standing in the class. The form will also specify a date by which make-up work will be completed and submitted.
Excused Absences
A student absence may be excused if the absence is attributed to:
  • personal illness
  • funerals for death in the immediate family or for persons outside the immediate family with parental permission
  • medical and legal appointments - such appointments should be scheduled after school hours when possible
  • school-sponsored field trips and retreats
  • school/college visits for Juniors and Seniors
Unexcused Absences

A student absence will be marked unexcused in the following circumstances:
no parent/guardian contact with the school giving an explanation for the absence on the day of the absence
no physician's note to excuse an absence once more than five days of absence have occurred
absences other than those defined as excused

extended absence form
student parent handbood