Start Up Moxie


Year after year, Marian High School students comprise the majority of participants accepted into the Startup Moxie Program. In fact, 10 of the 33 participants in the 2018 - 2019 Startup Moxie class are Marian students. The program is part of the dual credit program, enabling our students to earn college credit while gaining valuable real-world experience in a collaborative community.

Startup Moxie is a program open to all high school students in St. Joseph County, Indiana, that develops in these young adults a spirit of ingenuity, collaboration, and innovation. The program begins each fall and extends two semesters, and the students earn high school and college credit while participating in this exciting, real-life program. Students must be accepted into the program each spring, and an application process is in place.

Students are provided the opportunity to hear from the leaders in our community about their business ventures, life experiences, and their perspective on the St. Joseph County region.

Mentors in the Startup Moxie Program donate their time to this program because they appreciate the tools being instilled in the students. Most mentors are business owners and entrepreneurs, and all hail from our regional business community.