Technology in the Classroom

Marian High School utilizes technology in many forms to enhance student learning. Our technology initiatives continue to grow as we provide our students with the resources necessary to be successful in today’s digital world. The computer and other technological machinery are important devices in today’s world, and proficiency in these instruments is paramount to future career success. But they are not a replacement for high quality content and skilled teaching.

Through a thoughtful approach to using technology as one resource in the arsenal of the educational toolbox, Marian students gain proficiency in 21st century learning skills that include problem solving, communication and collaboration, critical thinking, digital literacy, creativity, and innovation. All of these skills are necessary for college and or workplace applications.

In the Classroom
Marian is a Google for Education school that provides connectivity to classrooms, a suite of office programs, and tools to enhance learning and productivity in the digital world. Our faculty maintain Google Classroom pages for each course, increasing our communication with both students and parents. Most classrooms are equipped with interactive boards that are used extensively. Faculty have at their disposal five mobile carts each containing 36 Chromebooks that can be reserved for classroom use.
Personal Laptop Philosophy
While we do not require it, Marian recommends that each student have access to a computer for school use. Because Marian is a Google for Education school, students have access to the Google suite of programs that includes word processing, slides, spreadsheets, and various other software tools for success in the classroom. Therefore, software choices should be made based on personal preference.
Minimum hardware guidelines for a laptop that can last throughout the
student’s college years would include the following specifications:  
Operating System
MINIMUM   Windows 8.1
RECOMMENDED   Windows 10 Home or Pro
Macintosh OS 10.12 or higher
Productivity Tools None required None required
Processor Type
MINIMUM   Core i5 Processor
RECOMMENDED   Core i7 Processor
MINIMUM   Core i5 Processor
RECOMMENDED   Core i7 Processor
Memory MINIMUM   8 GB RAM or higher MINIMUM   8 GB RAM or higher
Hard Drive
RECOMMENDED   500 GB or higher
RECOMMENDED   500 GB or higher
Graphics Card MINIMUM   512 MB Video Memory or higher MINIMUM   512 MB Video Memory or higher
Students may bring laptops, tablets, e-readers, notebooks, and netbooks to school for the sole purpose of enhancing their educational experiences. Students who wish to bring their own personal electronic device must abide by classroom rules and the policies outlined in the Student Parent Handbook.

The Loesch Family Library plays an important role in providing technology for those who do not have a personal computer to use. The library is host to a large computer lab of 30 PC stations. Students are welcome to use the library computer lab before and after school, or during school hours with written permission from their teacher.

The faculty at Marian also have the opportunity to bring one of five available Chromebook carts, each holding 36 devices, to their classroom for student use during the school day. This unique opportunity provides a fantastic setting for working on group projects during class. 

In addition, Marian maintains a cart of 15 iPads which are used exclusively for English as a New Language (ENL) students.