Bernadette Scholars


Marian High School is proud to unveil a new program intended to provide a Catholic educational experience for students with special needs. The program will focus on the individual and specialized needs of each unique child, and class sizes will be kept small to promote individualized attention.

Marian will provide a specifically designed curriculum for each student according to their IEP, that may include vocational and independent living skills. Inclusion within traditional academic classrooms, when appropriate, will benefit both the Scholars and the traditional students, forming important bonds within the student body. Scholars will participate in school events and activities, liturgical services, sports and clubs to gain social and emotional benefits of being an active part of the Marian family.

The tuition for the Bernadette Scholars Program is identical to the tuition for Marian High School. Families are eligible for School Choice Scholarships, SGO Awards, and Marian Financial Aid.

This four-year program will culminate in achieving a certificate of completion and participation in the Marian commencement ceremony. We look forward to seeing our first generation of Bernadette Scholars cross the stage!

The deadline to apply for 2021-2022 school year is July 30, 2021.
Why Bernadette?
We believe the name "Bernadette Scholars" connects our vision of serving students with cognitive disabilities to our Catholic mission and to Marian High School's Patroness, Our Lady of Lourdes. Mary appeared to Bernadette, who was believed to have had a cognitive disability. Our prayer is that the love of the Lord will be revealed to our Scholars during their time here - in the place dedicated to Our Lady - just as God's love was revealed to Bernadette through Our Lady at Lourdes.