How to Apply

It's a great time to become a KNIGHT!

Marian High School is a leader in Catholic secondary education in Indiana. We specialize in developing the next generation of leaders, and our smaller size allows us to value each student's unique set of gifts and talents. Our large dual credit program, award-winning dedication to STEM and student-led research, Bernadette Scholars Program, and excellence in the visual and performing arts set us apart from other schools in the area. The Marian Family culture is second to none in making every student feel welcome and included.

We invite you and your family to find out more about becoming a Knight and apply below.

Apply & Checklist Items

To apply for admission, families must create a Parent Portal Account to access the application and application checklist. The application fee is $20. 
Application Deadlines - Class of 2028:
Early Admission Deadline: November 19, 2023 
Regular Admission Deadline: January 19, 2024

Create a Parent Portal Account (or login if already a Marian family) and Apply for Admission Online!
Required documents: birth certificate and current immunization record

Placement Test

Each student must take the High School Placement Test. 
If the test has already been taken at another school, please let the Admission Team know.

Admissions Decision

The Admissions Office will send official admissions decisions via mail and email. 
      • Early Admission (Nov 19 deadline) decisions will be released December 14, 2023.
      • Regular Admission (Jan 19 deadline) decisions will be released February 15, 2023.


As soon as a student receives their acceptance, enrollment can be confirmed on the student application portal.  Admitted students have until March 1 to solidify their place in the Class of 2028 at Marian High School by paying $150 Enrollment Fee. Upon enrollment, students will schedule classes at the Registration Celebration on March 6 or 9, 2024.

Students typically transfer to Marian at the beginning of a semester (August or January).

      • There is no application deadline for transfer admission, however, we suggest applying in the third quarter of the year before desired enrollment.
      • For mid-year enrollment, apply after the completion of the first grading period of the school year and no later than November 30.
          Please contact the Admissions Team for more information about transferring to Marian.

Apply & Checklist Items



Two recommendations are required to complete your transfer application. You will be prompted within the application portal to share the names and email addresses of your English and Math teachers who will provide online recommendations. These teachers will receive an email that will allow them to submit this.

Academic Records

The following information must be uploaded via the student's online application checklist:

  • A copy of the student's high school transcript
  • Any applicant who has not completed at least one full year of high school also must submit a copy of the entire 8th-grade report card.
  • Additional educational evaluations and/or medical information, if applicable.

We will accept unofficial transcripts for initial evaluation, but we will not make any offers of admission without an official transcript from any school(s) previously attended.

Additional Information 

The Admissions Office must receive all required materials before the Admissions Committee will consider the request for transfer admission. At this point, the applicant might be invited to complete an interview with one or more members of the Admissions Committee.
The criteria for transfer admission include the following:
        • Space availability
        • Student academic performance and conduct in current & previous schools 
        • Assessment of the stated reason(s) for transfer admission
        • Current course evaluation and ability to meet graduation requirements