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Marian High School warmly welcomes international students each school year. By opening our doors to the world, we create a classroom where learning and sharing take on new meaning for everyone. International students add diversity to our school and community, inspire American students to view the world differently, and provide opportunities for lessons to be seen through global lenses.

Like all students at Marian, our international students are exposed to intensive, rigorous instruction, extraordinary extra and co-curricular offerings, and a vast array of service opportunities throughout the community.  We are grateful you are considering the Marian High School International Student Program and look forward to sharing more information with you.

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You have a Place Here at Marian!

Applications submitted by international students are reviewed by the school's Director of International Students and the Admissions Committee. Academic strength and English proficiency are important but not the only factors in the selection process. We strongly encourage our international students to join our Marian community at the beginning of each school year for this authentic American experience.
Applications for the 2019-2020 school year will be accepted from Dec. 1, 2018 through May 1, 2019.
Step 1: Application, documents, and fee
  • students from China submit application through Cambridge Network
  • students from all other countries submit application through School Admin
  • submit required documents: birth certificate, immunization record, student profile, transcript from current school
  • application deadline May 1
  • registration fee $125
Step 2: TOEFL testing
  • submit TOEFL test summary and score report
  • TOEFL test must have been taken within a year of the date of application to Marian
  • students who use an official exchange program will have this testing facilitated by the exchange program
  • demonstrate proficiency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking the English language
Step 3: Telephone interview with Admissions Committee
  • a telephone interview will be scheduled upon receipt of application, all documents, and registration fee
  • assessment of the communication skills of the applicant
Step 4: Admissions Committee decision
  • usually within two weeks after receiving all application documents and interview
Step 5: I-20 submission and visa interview
  • once accepted, Marian will mail an I-20 to the student
  • student schedules a visa interview upon receipt of the I-20 from Marian
  • deadline is June 30
Step 6: Health insurance coverage documentation
  • official letter from insurance company with policy number and dates of coverage
Step 7: Enrollment and class selection
  • arrive and settle in the area prior to the first week in August
  • attend orientation with the Director of International Students

Step 8: Get Involved!

International students must either be part of a formal exchange program recognized by the NASSP and the State of Indiana, or they must reside with an adult relative the entire duration of attendance at Marian High School. If staying with an adult relative, a notarized guardianship letter must be submitted and on file with the Director of International Students in the School Attendance Office.
International students must demonstrate strong English skills as all of the classes at Marian are taught in English at an accelerated rate. TOEFL English proficiency exam and telephone interview are required.
It is the responsibility of the exchange program to locate, prepare, and supervise the host family for the international student.
International students will pay full tuition at the non-parishioner rate. In addition, a $750 fee is charged for the services provided by the Counseling Department. Payment of all tuition and fees must be made in full before the first day of classes.
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