At graduation the Marian student will be adequately prepared for advanced forms of education.

In all that we do at Marian, we strive for excellence, especially in the classroom. Graduates find themselves prepared for the challenges of college due in part to the varied and rigorous course offerings at Marian, which include AP, ACP, and Dual Credit courses as college level classes, but also because of the holistic approach to developing citizens of the world.


The graduate:

has developed logical and critical thinking skills, an organized approach to learning tasks, and a curiosity to explore ideas and issues.

has studied those academic subjects required for entrance into college or some other form of post-secondary education.

has begun to understand some of the practical applications of science, technology, knowledge of history and world languages.

has had the opportunity to develop occupational skills.

has begun to develop an appreciation for the body and its physical development; has begun to understand the importance of caring for one's health and well-being.

has begun to understand both rights and responsibilities as a citizen of the United States and the world.

has been involved in art, music, drama, and other aesthetic pursuits through active participation and study.