Loesch Family Library

The Loesch Family Library supports the mission and values of Marian High School by providing a welcoming environment that fosters creativity, critical thinking, spiritual growth, and ethical use of information. The library serves as a research and collaborative space with physical access to over 6000 digital and prints items. We are a professional reference center that seeks to foster interest in reading for pleasure and to promote lifelong use of libraries as physical and digital resources.

Mrs. Mary Dlugosz, MLS
Licensed Librarian Media Specialist
574.259.5257 ext. 330
Member, American Association of School Librarians




The Loesch Family Library hosts a variety of print and digital resources to aid students in becoming effective users of ideas and information in an atmosphere conducive to research, quiet study, browsing, and reading. Students are welcome in the library before and after school, and during the school day with their classes or individually with a pass from their teacher or the librarian.

Facilities and Services

The Loesch Family Library technology area includes a large computer lab including 30 PC computer stations, five computer carts that each hold 36 Chromebooks for classroom use, 15 iPads dedicated to the English as a New Language (ENL) program, and a professional grade multifunction printing machine.

The library also has generous open table space for collaborative learning, a large private conference room for private meetings, as well as comfortable lounge seating for relaxed reading and studying.

In 2014, the Loesch Family Library was renovated and dedicated in honor of former Marian High School principal Carl Loesch and his parents Anne and Connor Loesch. Anne and Connor were tireless servants of and advocates for Catholic education in our diocese, through teaching in our schools and tenure on multiple Catholic school boards. Meanwhile, they sacrificed to give their seven children the blessing of a Catholic education. Carl served honorably as principal of Marian High School 2004 – 2014.

This dedication is in honor of the Loesch family’s contributions, wisdom, and knowledge.

Did You Know?   Saint Jerome is the Patron Saint of libraries.