Opportunities to Serve


Beginning in the 2019-2020 school year, Marian students will complete an annual service requirement as part of the school curriculum. More than just the recording of hours, students will be invited to reflect on their service and integrate their experience with the lessons they are learning in their classes.

Since remote learning has begun at Marian due to the coronavirus, we have had to make many adjustments to our class curriculums.  This includes our service curriculum. Here are three possible ways to obtain your service hours during this time of remote learning:

  1. Hours served: If you have completed any service hours before the remote learning started, those obviously count towards your needed 3-4 hours.  Don’t forget to turn in your signatures with your projects.

  2. Family service: One of the positive aspects of this time at home is that we can have more quality time with our families. So, now you may do some acts of service for your family (ie. babysit, clean, cook, extra chores, projects, etc.) and have your parent or guardian sign the back of your rubric sheet.  Please note on there how many hours of service you did for them.

  3. Email reach out: Finally the third way to obtain service hours is to write letters, cards, drawings, and notes or photos to health care workers, hospital patients or elderly folks in nursing or residential homes. If you choose to do this act of service, we ask you to CAREFULLY READ AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS at the tab below this post.


If you have any questions, contact your Theology teacher for further information. Remember you need 3-4 hours all together by the end of the semester. We will no longer ask that you serve at two different places.  If you choose to do all your hours at home, or on option #3, that is fine.  Each Theology teacher will still have a service project for you, which will be 50% of your final exam. They will let you know if there are any changes in the project they have already assigned to you.  May God bless and keep you and your families in His loving care during this time.

In Christ, 

Sr. Marie Morgan, OSF

Theology Department Chair

Marian Service Learning Rubric - Semester 2


Thank you for considering option #3 for your service curriculum hours.  Please note, if you already have your hours finished, and you would still like to join in helping us to bring comfort to those especially burdened right now by the coronavirus situation, feel free to write as many letters, cards or notes as you want!  Or send as many photos as you want. Here is how to do it:

You may send emails (don’t forget to add your parents’ email address!) with any of the following:

  • Notes:  Simple email notes (2-4 sentences) which will appear on internal TV screens in hospitals or nursing homes.  Sign the notes using your first name only. (For example: Susan @ Marian HS, Mishawaka, IN)

  • Letters:  Send letters in an email, not as an attachment. (DO NOT use Word, Google Docs, Publisher, .pdf,  etc.) Just send your message in simple email format.  Letters should be at least one paragraph of 5 sentences or longer. Sign the letters using your first name only.  (For example: Susan @ Marian HS, Mishawaka, IN)

  • Photos:  Send photos in an email as a .jpeg attachment.  (We ask that you don’t take photos of yourself, due to legal issues. Pictures of pets, drawings, signs you make, or other artistic creations are allowed.) Make sure the photos are clearly legible. Again sign your first name only to the email. (For example: Susan @ Marian HS, Mishawaka, IN)

All emails should be kind and supportive. This is also a great opportunity to witness our faith and even share some Scripture quotes. It is important to assure them of our love, support and prayers during this time.  Photos and pictures should have a message of support in them. All emails should be addressed, “Dear Friends…”

The Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration (Sr. Marie and Sr. Mercy’s community) own Franciscan Health (Franciscan Alliance.)  They have 14 hospitals and some outpatient clinics located in Indiana and Illinois. They also have connections with nursing and residential homes for the elderly.  All emails will be forward to the Sisters and distributed throughout the Franciscan Health system. They also are open to distributing these to other health care institutions and local nursing or residential homes as well. 

Each email you send will count as one half hour towards your needed 3-4 service hours.  We are asking your parents to sign the back of your rubric sheet proving that you did send these emails to one of the following addresses.  Please CC your parent’s address on each email you send to us:

Please note, that although each email will be reviewed by an adult before being sent to those in need, because of the large quantity of emails being sent to these addresses, you will NOT receive a response. However, know that we greatly appreciate your kindness and support for all those so deeply burdened by the coronavirus. If you have any questions, please email Sr. Marie at mmorgan@marianhs.org



Marian High School offers several student organizations that have as their core mission service to others. These groups include:

Visit each page within Clubs & Activities for more information.



Marian students have several opportunities throughout the year to take trips that are immersion-based. The focus of these trips is to expose students to experiences and people very different from themselves, and to provide them with direct experience interacting with people who have been cast to the margins of society.

From attending luncheons with guests of the Center for the Homeless to praying the Rosary with the elderly, to drinking coffee with patrons at Our Lady of the Road Catholic Worker Center, these trips challenge students to expand their view of the world that God so dearly loves.


Marian has recently partnered with local pilgrimage company, Verso Ministries, to offer a variety of pilgrimage exeriences to students. Please return often for updates to this exciting new program being developed in the Marian community.



Begun in 2014 as part of Marian's 50th anniversary, Knights Service Day is a celebration in which the Marian family gives back to the local community. Every student, faculty, and staff member, along with countless parent volunteers and alumni gather into organized groups and together donate a day of service at over 50 not-for-profit agencies, parishes and schools in the Michiana area. These student groups provide many hands to complete necessary projects while learning more about our community's many philanthropic organizations.

After the event, students reflect with their Theology classes on what this opportunity to do volunteer work means to them. The students are always overwhelmingly positive in their evaluations and often pursue a continued service relationship with the organization to which they are paired for the day. 

Marian's Pastoral Minister and the Development Office coordinate this event with the help of many volunteer parents. Any Marian parents or alumni interested in volunteering for this event should contact the Pastoral Ministry Office for more information.

(574) 259-5257 ext. 331 



Eric's Promise is a service program dedicated to the memory of Eric Henry. Eric was a beloved member of the Marian High School Class of 2002 whose life ended tragically as a result of a single car accident. 

I have always been aware that there are people in need of housing, clothing, food, and medicine. On Ash Wednesday, the evening before Eric died, he made a Lenten promise "to try to be more giving." His first step in fulfilling that promise was to donate several bags of his clothes to the St. Vincent De Paul Society. Eric never had the chance to complete what he had started so, his friends and classmates decided to do it for him.

They collected a truckload and a half of items to donate in his memory. They presented hundreds of bags of clothes and various items to donate and brought them to the altar at a memorial Mass held in his honor. As Eric's mother, I was very touched by what the students at Marian High School had done. I decided that this would be a beautiful way to honor Eric by creating a legacy of love and kindness to others in our community.

~ Mary Molnar, mother of Eric Henry (courtesy of Country Living magazine)

Since this time, Marian students, alumni, staff and faculty have remembered Eric's Promise by being more giving throughout the entire Lenten season. Most recently, this has been through specific needs of the St. Vincent de Paul Society Food Pantry.