Spirit Night

Moderator: Mrs. Kelly Keenan and Mrs. Chris Grossnickle

About Spirit Night

Spirit Night is the yearlong opportunity for students to lead, collaborate and live out school spirit and pride! There are events, competitions and Pep Rallies throughout the year culminating in one incredible evening where students are able to express their talents and creativity through student-led competition in art, dances, and sports. Marian students come together as a family and work as teams. It is a great way to meet students from other grades and extracurricular activities while having a ton of fun!

The Mission for Spirit Night: Learn from the past, Serve the present, and Lead the future by unifying the student body and building lifelong community.

Your support of the students' development and leadership is appreciated through all the fun and memories Spirit Night provides throughout the whole school year:

Spirit - Pep Rallies, Hall Decorating, Locker Decorations, Minute to Win Games & Raffles at lunch for Catholic Schools Week

Dance - Blue team vs. White Team co-ed dances for each class, a dance for all captains and a Faculty & Staff dance

Sports - Spirit Night events and competitions throughout the year like Powder Puff, Boys Volleyball, Cornhole Tourney and Spikeball Tourney

Art - Blue team vs White team 16' x 20' murals depicting all of the dance themes

Student Leadership - a crucial part of Spirit Night! Each team has Overall Captains and Captains in each grade for Art, Dance, Spirit and Sports – about 30 leaders per team!

Adult Moderators - comprised of Marian parents, faculty and staff guide and empower the student leaders to help their vision come to life.


Here is a quick look at Spirit Night 2021!


Quotes from students:

"Spirit Night! It’s a competition that puts one half of the school against the other, yet somehow brings everyone closer together all while showcasing everyone’s unique skills and abilities! It’s the most pure form of fun you’ll ever experience! There is nothing else like it! GO BLUE!" - John Brach ‘19

"The entire point of Spirit Night and my involvement with it is to bring the community of God’s chosen people together to feel whole and united once again. Spirit Night also touches the part on the Church helping those in need. Spirit Night stresses inclusion and seeks out those who need this help. It may not be helping the poor and homeless, but the good Lord knows it helps those who are quiet and shy or those who do not have many friends." - Josh Schmidt ‘21

"Thank you to Mrs. Keenan, Mrs. Keilman, Mrs Grossnickle, & Mrs Ullrich for making Spirit Night part of the legacy of the Class of 2019!  Bringing this entirely foreign concept to Marian was a daunting task, but with the help of dedicated students and staff members, Spirit Night quickly became a success! At the beginning of last year, I’m sure some of us thought it would be some sort of boring school event, but as the year progressed and we had an opportunity to watch Spirit Night grow from nothing, we saw just how great it could be! Spirit Night has given us an outlet to express ourselves and showcase our talents that we would not usually share! This one night has allowed us to break out of our shells and form new friendships that will hopefully last forever!" - Maggie Cook '19