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You rose into my life like a promised sunrise, brightening my days with the light in your eyes.
I've never been so strong. Now I'm where I belong.
~Maya Angelou


Allison Krisch '04 & Doug Watson - wedding planned for 12-14-19

Jared Diltz '08 & Kaylie DeMetz - date pending

Ali Groot '08 & Jordan Weidner '08 - wedding planned for 10-26-19

Roxanne Menis-Kyler '08 & James Conley - date pending

Molly Davidson '09 & Andrew Schrader - wedding planned for 10-19-19

Danielle McMonagle '09 & Alex Reed - wedding planned for 9-5-20

Renee Mischler '09 & Jon Jachura - wedding planned for 7-11-20

Jordan Niespodziany '09 & Emma Derheimer - wedding planned for 8-1-20

Jenny Wynen '09 & Brian Gray - wedding planned for 9-21-19

Ryan Finkler '10 & Danielle Hall - wedding planned for 9-24-20

Laura Mazur '10 & Curtis Taylor - date pending

Brandan Weisser '10 & Mary Estrada - wedding planned for 9-27-19

Chris Lesh '11 & Jennifer Risting - date pending

Megan Mauro '11 & Brian Walker - wedding planned for 10-19-19

Jasmine Podell '11 & Darrick Dewitt - date pending

Ashlie Self '11 & Justin Reinke - wedding planned for 9-21-19

Danya Tychonievich '11 & Chase Smith '10 - wedding planned for 10-19-19

Melissa Cunningham '12 & Andrew Derucki '12 -  wedding planned for 11-30-19

Michael Henry '12 & Stephanie Stack - wedding planned for 1-25-20

Nikki Nyers '12 & Geof Macabre Dodson - wedding planned for 11-30-19

Emily VanTornhout '12 Doni Gendel '10 - wedding planned for 9-5-20

Nicole Simeri '12 & Grant Carter - wedding planned for 10-5-19

Katie Portolese '13 & Matthew Kreft - wedding planned for 4-18-20

Erin Guzicki '14 & Koley Gee - date pending

Tes Pairitz '14 & Patrick Fischer '14 - wedding planned for 10-17-20

Morgan Talos '14 & Dae'Shawn Lewis - date pending

Emily Trethewey '14 & Todd Beck - wedding planned for spring of 2020

Cassie Young '14 & Luke Darr '14 - wedding planned for 7-25-20

Becca Whitten '14 & Micah Ream - wedding planned for 8-22-20

Morgan Keenan '15 & Jimmy Catanzarite '14 - wedding planned for 8-7-20

Patrick Coulter '16 & Chloe DeLumpa - wedding planned for 6-6-20

Kennedy Mammolenti '16 & Joey Bailey - wedding planned for 7-25-20




You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because
reality is finally better than your dreams.
~ Dr. Seuss


Emmilee Rousseve '98 & David Richards - married on 8-3-19
JoAnna Dierbeck '01 & Brian Williams - married on 9-22-18
Megan Seidl '01& Paul Wenzel - married on 5-11-19
JR Marchbank '03 & Morgan Halae - married on 8-3-19
David Lord '04 & Victoria Anania - married on 10-13-18
Amanda Smogor '04 & Hunter Flannery - married on 6-18-19
Mallory Finkler '06 & Brian Kowalski - married on 8-24-19
Stephen Jagla '06 & Grace Williams - married on 7-6-19
Walter Lehmann '07& Lea Thomas - married on 11-17-18
Eric Prister '07 & Kelsey Manning - married on 5-25-19
Maggie Voelker '07 & Chris Park - married on 10-13-18
Claire Henry '08 & Zachary Hillesland - married on 5-11-19
Michelle Ketcham '08 & Leo Gozdecki - married on 11-3-18
Pat Voelker '08 & Lilly Cohen - married on 5-11-19
Eric DeBuysser '09 & Rachel Maddack - married on 11-17-18
Claire Farkas '09Drew Smith '09 - married on 10-27-18
Amber Mayette-Draper '09 & Ryan Moran '08 - married on 8-10-19
Becca Nicolini '09 & Blake Powell '07 - married on 9-15-18
Coley Parker '09 & Courtney Hagen - married on 6-22-19
Ashleigh Bousquet '10 & Josh Fozo - married on 11-3-18
Hannah Brammer '10 & Mike Kammet - married on 11-30-18
Bobby Grossnickle '10 & Aubrey Strati - married on 8-10-19
Bridget Liddell '10 & Steven Group - married on 8-3-19
Caitlin Saros '10 & Adam Fledderman - married on 10-20-18
Alyssa DelPrete '11 & Shawn Gibson - married on 9-22-18
Nicole Eperjesi '11 & Ben McCauley - married 6-14-19
Alexis Szymanski '11 & Cody Letherman - married on 5-18-19
Alyssa Weidner '11 & Michael Hoffman '11 - married on 9-22-18
Matt Williams '11 & Rebekah Michaelsen - married on 6-8-19
Madeline Pingel '12 & Nicholas Ballester - married on 5-4-19
Sarah Earley '13 & Dylan Conover - married on 5-24-19
Ben Gill '13 & Caitlin McClain - married on 8-3-19
Sarah Krizman '13 & Alex Stopczynski '13 - married on 2-23-19
Maggie Pendergast '13 & Conner Crane - married on 8-17-19
Krista Stockman '13 & Brandon Myers - married on 5-18-19
Jake Burnham '14 & Anna Huizinga - married on 8-3-19
Corrina Howe '14 & Braxdon Sims - married on 6-1-19
Mary Mattimore '14 & Matt Garatoni '14 - married on 8-3-19
God does not reveal himself in strength or power,
but in the weakness and fragility of a newborn babe.
~ Pope Francis
The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.
~Theodore Hesburgh

Birth Announcements

Amy (Kolakovich) '98 & Jeff Kloska '93 welcomed Liam Casimir on 11-15-18
Erika (Walz) '98 & Jeffrey Joo '93 welcomed Holden Alexander on 10-1-18
Danielle (Moran) '02 & Jamison Clark welcomed Rowan Elizabeth on 7-13-19
Patrick Mullen '02 & Jackie welcomed Elizabeth on 12-9-18
Stephani (O'Blenis) '02 & Joe Steenbeke welcomed Diana Faye 3-21-19
Sarah (Mullin) '03 & Michael Scheuer welcomed Callahan Louise on 3-12-19
Ben Gunty '04 & Shannon welcomed Theodore Thomas 7-9-19
Anni (Quiett) '05 Daniel Boocher '05 welcomed Walter Boone on 6-10-19
Kate (Bussman) '05 & Dan McCarthy welcomed Oliver Robert on 6-13-19
Jacki Coiro '06 & Mustafa Erbakan welcomed Meryem Aylin on 12-17-18
Patrick Piekarski '06 & Courtney welcomed Jonah Jean on 9-15-18
Paul Rahrig '06 & Chantal welcomed Benjamin Beau on 10-18-18
Kevin Veldman '06 & Apryl welcomed Archer Theodore on 12-28-18
Becci (Wynen) '07 & Michael Hagen welcomed Owen Patrick on 1-7-19
Zach Lesh '07 & Kaitlyn welcomed Teagan Mae on 8-20-19
Marlon Burnley '08 & Camille welcomed August Oliver on 1-29-19
Brad Gendel '08 & Maggie welcomed Cullen Joseph on 12-4-18
Rance Gohn '08 & Cassie welcomed Murphy Harper on 11-1-18
Taylor (Gurley) '08 & Casey McGann welcomed Taegan Gurley on 8-15-19
Sam Miller '08 & Sarah welcomed Leo Cooper on 9-11-18
Kristine (Jawarski) '08 & Derek Yoder welcomed Annabelle Lee on 4-16-19
Michael Barnard '09 & Kristen welcomed Noah William on 2-24-19
Megan Jung Zimmerman '09 & Joe Harper welcomed Axel Frederick on 9-8-18
Becca Knabenshue '09 welcomed Madison Grace on 4-23-19
Joe Mauro '09 & Krystle welcomed Mila Jane on 1-15-19
George Cressy '10 & Mariah Douglas '10 welcomed George Sidney VI on May 20, 2019
Collin Rahrig '10 & Jen welcomed Madison Jane on 2-7-19
Molly (Benjamin) '10 & Jonny Wynen '10 welcomed Blake Francis on 12-17-18
Mark Imus '11 & Courtney welcomed Dominic George on 2-26-19
Andrea (Freeze) Kuhn '11 & John Kuhn welcomed Alexander on 7-29-19
Vince Coiro '12 & Alli welcomed Louis on 12-11-18
Leah Moreno '17 & Andrew Hankins welcomed Marrabella on 9-1-18
May today be peace within. May you trust your highest power that you are exactly where you are meant to be... May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith. May you use those gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you... May you be content knowing you are a child of God... Let this presence settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise, and love. It is there for each and every one of you.
~ Mother Teresa

In Memory Of

Karen J. Becker '69 passed away on August 6, 2019.  Karen was preceded in death by her late husband Dave Haas.  Karen will be greatly missed by her friends and neighbors.

Kevin M. Burnett '70 passed away July 20, 2019.  Kevin is survived by his beloved children, Amanda, Austin, and Ashley. He also leaves behind three sisters, Kathy Burnett '69, Kim Burnett '76, and Kelly Burnett '79, and many nieces and nephews.  Kevin smiled, almost always. He was an exclamation point.

Susan J. (Kuhn) Bieganski '71 passed away May 18, 2019.  Susan is survived by her husband Raymond Bieganski, daughters Kara (Ryan) Palmer, and Marta (Guy) Harrison and five grandchildren.  She is also survived by her siblings, Barbara (Ken) Timby, Thomas (Susie) Kuhn, and Laurie '69 (James) Highfield.  Susan dedicated 25+ years to teaching second graders at St. Mary's of the Assumption, St. Thomas, and Queen of Peace Catholic Schools.

Marianne DeMaegd '74 passed away July 16, 2019.  Marianne is survived by her children, Matthew (Fay) Flournoy, Amy (Brett) Crane, and Alisa (Don) Kaczorowski; siblings Mike (Vickie) DeMaegd, Jim DeMaegd, Janet (Wayne) Toth; and five grandchildren.  She was an extremely hard worker who worked right up to the day she was admitted to the hospital. 

Paul Goodman Inwood '74 passed away June 29, 2019.  Paul was survived by his wife Pamela Collins Betts, three siblings, five nephews, three nieces and one grand-nephew.  Paul was a hospital pharmacist for 37 years at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center in Mishawaka before retiring.  

Mark J. Goralski '79 passed away on September 23, 2018.  Mark is survived by his wife, Peggy, and three children, Joshua, Bethany, and Hannah. He is also survived by two siblings, Patrick (Kim) Goralski and Lori Eyth '81.  The way that Mark dealt with his many health challenges inspired all who knew him.

Jenny M. Werntz '83 passed away April 2, 2019.  Jenny is survived by her daughter, Samantha J. Werntz '10; her son, Robert A. Werntz; her grandson, Neiko; and her parents, David and Frances Andrysiak.  She had been employed with Teachers Credit Union for over 35 years, where she was a loan officer. She was also a Shift Supervisor at Bistro 933. 

Timothy J. Price '83 passed away February 10, 2019.  Tim is survived by his wife, Lori Schwenk; and their two children, Sarah Elizabeth '13, and Michael Joseph '18.  Tim always wanted to help and care for people in any way that he could.

Daniel E. Hobik '88 passed away September 17, 2019.  Dan is survived by his son Noah, parents Jeanne and Donald Hobik, sister Kathleen '85 (Chad) Horne, and brother Andrew Hobik '91.  He will be greatly missed by his family and all who knew him.

David Lindley '01 passed away September 5, 2019.  David is survived by his parents Jill (Harley) '71 and Randy Lindley; wife Ashley; children Adalyn, Owen, and Caden.  Also surviving are his sisters Stephanie (Brandon) Koski '98, and Stacie (Ben) Young '02.  David was an extraordinary father, husband, son, brother and friend. He will be sorely missed by everyone who knew him.

Nathan Bilinski '08 passed away August 17, 2019.  Nate is survived by his mother and father, Jolene (Troyer) and Bill Bilinski; sister Jenna '09 (Jared) Mrozinske, and brother Shane Bilinski '11.  Though the cancer delayed his education goals, it never derailed them and he completed his degree while dealing with regular treatments. 

Frank C. Besinger passed away June 27, 2019.  Frank is survived by his wife Kathleen as well as his children Brent '85 (Audrey) Besinger, Bridgett (Robert) Besinger Anthenelli, and five grandchildren.  In addition to being a farmer, he also worked for 46 years as a machinist.  

Eva M. Buday passed away August 4, 2019.  Eva is survived by her husband Ted; daughter, Marian Krizman '89, and  grandsons, Dominic '17 and Luke Krizman '20.  Eva retired in 2010 after 17 years in the Men's Department at Macy's. 

Beth Ann Dennin passed away July 19, 2019.  Beth is survived by her parents, Dennis and Jeanne (McCracken) Everett, children Ashley and Riley '06 Teeters, and Cassidy '14, Jamie '15, and Kaylie '15 Dennin; her sister, Erin (David) VanNamee; and three grandchildren.  Her beautiful soul will be remembered by all who knew her.

Yvonne A. Foss passed away June 6, 2019.  Yvonne is survived by her children: Monica L. Carter '70, Thomas '72 (Perry), Timothy '73 (Doreen), Sheila K. Graveel '74 (John '72), Kelly '76, Laurie L. Krcmaric '77 (Mark), thirteen grandchildren, and ten great grandchildren.  Yvonne taught Spanish and English at Marian High School for 22 years and took pleasure in being known as “Senora Foss” even long after her teaching career ended.

Marjorie L. Jumper passed away January 8, 2019.  Marge is survived by her husband, Eric Jumper; her two children, Eric J. Jumper, Jr. and Christine A. Barnhorst; and seven grandchildren.  Marge was a mathematics teacher at Marian for nineteen years.

Mary F. Kloska passed away June 13, 2019.  Mary was preceded in death by her husband, Ronald F. Kloska.  She is survived by her daughters: Kathleen (Warren '75) Diltz '77, Elizabeth (Kevin) Kearney '79, Mary Jo (Richard) Thomas, and Carrie (Matt) Parr; son, Ronald (Anne) Kloska '81; and twenty-four grandchildren including: Andrew (Katie) Diltz '05, Mary Kate '08, Sarah '10 and Joseph Diltz '13.  Mary was active in the community in many ways, including volunteering with her children's schools, Christ Child Society, St. Vincent de Paul Society, St. Matthew's Cathedral, and The Snite Museum of Art.

Catherine M. (Germano) Koscielski passed away August 22, 2019.  Catherine is survived by her daughter, Marie (Tim) Gerken; sons, Dr. Matthew Koscielski, and Paul (Amy) Koscielski; grandchildren, Sean, Elise, Luke, and Kevin Gerken; Michael '07, Caitlyn '09, Simon '12, Marissa '14, Grace, Maeve, Claire, John Paul, and Adam Koscielski; brother, Anthony '68 (Ann) Germano.  She taught elementary education at St. Joseph and St. Anthony schools before raising her children.  

Larry L. Lovechio passed away January 10, 2019.  Larry is survived by his wife, Kathleen (Kathy) Leyes; his daughter, Jennifer (Gregory '89) Wozniak '89; his son, Joseph (Michelle) Lovechio '92; and grandsons, Adam and Jacob Wozniak, and Dominic and Louis Lovechio.  Larry was co-owner of Land Auto Sales and worked security for the St. Joseph County Public Library.

Anthony "Tony" Mauro passed away September 17, 2019.  Tony is survived by his parents, John '77 and Rose Mauro; his son Jordan Mauro; sister Megan '11 (Brian Walker) Mauro and brothers Clint and Joseph '09 (Krystle) Mauro. Tony was a self-employed painter. 

Lucille Helen McMahon passed away June 17, 2019.  Lucille is survived by her husband Jerome McMahon and her children; Peggy (Morrie '69) DeGeyter, Doug (Jane) Szlanfucht, Sue (Dominic) Demeter, Judy (John) Libertowski, Polly (Chris) Pajakowski, and David (Laura) Szlanfucht; grandchildren Audrey DeGeyter '10, Abbey (Derek) Worrell, Joel '05 (Lauren '05) Fox, Sarah Demeter, Kyle (Kyle Lynne) Demeter, Bryant Demeter '09, Emily '07 (Tom) Burkett, Garrett Libertowski, Maggie '09 (Alex) Borggren, Mollie Pajakowski '11, Paige (Seth) Thomey, Payton, Parker, Patrick, and Peter Szlanfucht; and multiple great grandchildren.  Lucille left us many memories and lessons to draw from for the rest of our lives.

James H. Monserez passed away October 9, 2018.  Jim is survived by his children: J. Michael '68, Mark Andrew '69, W. Marten '70 (Milena), Maurice '72, Mathew John (Patty) and Monte '76 (Joni); Mary Margaret '77 (Meg) Paligraf, thirteen grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.  Together with his wife Anne, they owned and operated South Bend Hardware until his retirement in 1991.

Mary Cate O'Rear passed away September 3, 2019.  Mary Cate is survived by her parents Kevin Doyle and Mariana “Missy” (Hussey) O'Rear; her five siblings: Patrick '07 (Jamie '07), and Connor '10, Margaret, Bridget, and Michael O'Rear.  She attended Marian High School her Freshman (2004-05) and Sophomore (2005-06) years.

Carolyn & Dick Schulz passed away Spring, 2019.  Carolyn began teaching at Marian in 1990.  She taught for twenty four years until her retirement in 2014.

Pam Ann (Horvath) Van Huffel passed away July 19, 2019.  Pam was preceded in death by her daughter Jennifer Bishop '92.  Surviving are her husband Alan, daughter Michele '86 (Steve) Talos, and son Mark '88 (Kim) Van Huffel, nine grandchildren, Blake '10, Morgan '14, and Mason '18 Talos, Courtney, Claudia, and Erin Van Huffel, and Jacob '19, Joci '21, and AJ Bishop.  She taught 3rd and 4th grade at St. Matthew Cathedral Grade School for 25 years.

Robert A. Werntz passed away May 30, 2019.  Robbie is survived by his sister, Samantha J. Werntz '10 and his nephew, Neiko Werntz.  He is preceded in death by his father, Joseph M. (1-16-18) and mother Jenny M. (Andrysiak) Wernts '83 (4-2-19).  Robby cared for his father during his illness and enjoyed spending time on his father's boat in Florida.