Contact a Bus Driver

The Marian bus drivers carry a cell phone during their routes to enable communication of urgent messages. Please call the drivers during their route times only in cases of emergent needs. If the drivers do not answer, please leave a message. The safety and security of the students and the community is always their first concern, and the drivers may not be available to answer at that time. Calls will be returned when it is safe for the drivers to do so.
Director of Bus Transportation:
Kyle Hanyzewski
(574) 339-6371
Driver Contact Information
Driver: Brett Bajdek

Phone: (574) 360-2317

Driver: Trish Baruch

Phone: (574) 298-8917

Driver: Jim Flatt

Phone: (574) 302-7786

Driver: Bob Mason

Phone: (574) 261-0917

Driver: Tom Piekarski
Phone: (574) 904-4454