Marian Scrip Program

Why not earn tuition credit while you shop?
It couldn't be easier with Marian's Scrip program!

Weekly Hours: Scrip orders can be filled by emailing [email protected], sending in an order with a student or by coming to the school during scrip hours from 8:00-10:00 on Tuesdays or Thursdays. 

Order Scrip online! See the FAQs below for more information.

Don't miss out! We have easy new ways to order Scrip cards, reload an existing card, or purchase Scrip redeemable on a smartphone or by printing an ecard.

Still have questions?  [email protected] or 574.259.5257

Scrip FAQs:

The term Scrip is used to describe gift certificates that the school purchases at a discount and sells at face value. The discounts range from 2% to 20%, as determined by each vendor. The difference between the value and the purchase price is split 50/50 between the school and the family.
Families should use scrip because it is an easy way to earn tuition credit for the following school year as well as helping Marian. Scrip credits are calculated annually from purchases May 1 through April 30. Your tuition credit will appear on your tuition statement for the upcoming school year.
 Example: Use scrip for common monthly purchases or for special large purchases. Martin’s $600 at 5% discount – you earn $15, Marian earns $15 Speedway $300 at 4% discount – you earn $6, Marian earns $6 American Eagle $200 at 10% discount – you earn $10, Marian earns $10 Hacienda $50 at 10% discount – you earn $2.50, Marian earns $2.50 You earn $33.50 in tuition credit for purchases you were going to make anyway! Continuing purchases like this would give you $402 in tuition credit for the next year.
Scrip can be purchased from Marian on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8-10am, or order forms can be dropped off at any time to be filled on Tuesday or Thursday mornings. Scrip purchases can be sent home with a student or held in the office for pick up. Scrip can also be purchased via the smartphone app RaiseRight.
1. Enroll online at or download the RaiseRight App.
2. Contact us at [email protected] or call the main office to use Marian’s enrollment code
3. Add your banking information to your account with PrestoPay (optional, see below)
4. Purchase and/or reload cards directly from your computer on or from your phone with the RaiseRight App in minutes! Send orders to Marian electronically for physical cards to be picked up at school or sent home with your student (Paid by your PrestoPay account).

PrestoPay is a secure online payment system, which will handle payments for all of your purchases.
After creating an account (see above), there will be an option on the toolbar to register for PrestoPay. Enter your bank name, routing number and account number. 
  1. Open a Notre Dame FCU Scrip Debit and/or Credit Card.
  2. 1% of all signature transactions will be credited toward your tuition bill at Marian 
  3. Click here to learn more or to apply for the Elevate Credit or Debit Card.