Academic Support


Marian High School recognizes the unique talents, strengths, and challenges of each individual. Students come to Marian from a wide variety of educational backgrounds, and they must learn to adapt to the new surroundings, peers, and academic standards in the high school arena.

At times, students likely will find they need support or understanding, and the community at Marian is ready to help.


Marian High School offers students several pathways to obtain assistance with academics.

  • The first resource for students should be meeting with the faculty involved in the subject matter. Faculty are available after school each day for short questions and can make appointments with students for longer work sessions as needed. In addition, students are encouraged to reach out to their faculty through the school email system or Google Classroom conduit during off-hours but must include at least one parent in the email connection.

  • National Honor Society members are available to assist students on a peer-to-peer basis. Connecting with NHS students for help also creates a sense of unity and belonging within the community, and is an opportunity for the NHS tutors to demonstrate our school motto: Learn. Serve. Lead.

Learn more about National Honor Society.

NHS  Tutoring Schedule:
Monday through Thursday
3:15 - 4:00 pm in Room 208

No appointment necessary


  • Students can find multiple online tools to help, including the following: 

Khan Academy
Ask Rose

  • Marian Counselors have access to additional tutoring resources, upon request.
INDIVIDUAL EDUCATIONAL PLANS (IEPs) - Learning Strategies Center

Students who come to Marian with learning challenges are met with open arms by an administration, faculty, and staff ready to help them on their high school journey. Parents of students with these challenges or an established Individual Educational Plan (IEP) from their previous school are urged to meet with the Marian counselors to create an action plan for their Marian experience that can be implemented to meet student needs and revisited as needed while developing and learning.

The Learning Strategies Center at Marian was developed to meet the needs of students with learning challenges, offering a broad spectrum of accepted tools and techniques to reach the wide variety of learning styles present in today’s student body. Please visit the Learning Strategies Center pages for more information.

Learning Strategies Center