College Visitation


Colleges COUNSELING CALENDARand Universities often send representatives to Marian to interact with our students and provide more information about their institutions. The Marian Counseling Department schedules 45-minute information sessions for these representatives throughout the fall. We encourage juniors and undecided seniors to attend. Visit the Counseling Department website pages frequently for updated information. 


Please follow these instructions to sign up:
      • Login to Naviance Student account.
      • Confirm the student’s email in Naviance is accurate;
      • Go to the Colleges tab, then click on View All Upcoming College Visits. Browse and register for schools the student is interested in seeing at Marian;
      • Print the confirmation sheet after registration and have affected teacher(s) sign it at least 24 hours in advance;
      • Present signed paper to be admitted to the presentation

Throughout the school year Marian High School organizes bus trips to regional colleges for campus tours and information sessions. Past tours have included the California coast, Indiana University, Purdue University, Butler University, and the University of Notre Dame.

These trips are extremely popular and usually fill up quickly. Announcement of upcoming trips is made via email communication to the Marian community. Visit the Counseling Department website pages for updated information.


During their junior year, many students will visit college campuses during the discernment process. Marian High School has a procedure in place for students to receive excused absence from school on these college visit days. Students are allowed two college visit days per semester and must return to school with a note from the college visited to receive an excused absence. Please review the Student Parent Handbook for most recent policies and procedures.