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Deciding on a career can be one of life's most difficult decisions. Answering the question "what do you want to be when you grow up" can be a daunting task. There is no magic formula for finding the right career path to take.

Fortunately, Marian utilizes the tools within the Naviance Program to help students discern the best pathway forward in identifying their strengths and interests, and connecting career pathways with those unique traits.

Career and personal goals assessment process

Freshman- take career and interest surveys that will match students with different careers.
Sophomores- work with counselors to see what their strengths are and what careers match up with those strengths.
Juniors- investigate colleges and universities throughout the United States that offer the educational pathway the student wishes to pursue. This Naviance tool is a great resource for our students to start thinking about their post secondary plans.
Seniors- create and complete an action plan for entrance into target colleges, universities and/or vocational programs.


Marian High School Counseling Department uses the Naviance for High School Program to help its students organize their plans as they prepare to graduate from Marian. Students are matched to colleges based on the students’ interests and goals, and they are informed of admissions statistics for assistance in decision-making. Naviance helps students find their best-fit higher education institution or direct-from-high school careers.

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What is Naviance?

Naviance is a research software program that aids students in their search for the right career by offering Marian students career planning and assessment tools which allow them to realize their strengths, goals, knowledge, values, and interests in future careers. This understanding helps students work toward a path that is inspiring to them. Naviance helps high school students connect interests to career fields, identify best-fit careers, learn from leaders, and plan for life after high school. When students can visualize their future, they become more engaged in school today.
  • Career Exploration: Link personality type and interests with possible careers, research majors & careers: over 850 careers with a comprehensive list of the knowledge and skills required for each career, average wages (by state), and related college majors
  • College Search: Research and compare colleges: admissions info, areas of study and types of degrees offered, tuition and room & board costs, etc. View schedule of colleges visiting Marian High School (junior and senior year).
  • Management of College Application Process: Track deadlines, verify the status of applications, update prospective & active applications, request transcripts and letters of recommendation
  • Scholarship Search
  • Communication: Receive email communication from Marian School Counseling Department