Transcript Requests


Alumni and Former Marian Students

The Marian registrar is responsible for issuing transcripts for all Marian alumni and former students. These groups may request their transcripts by completing Marian's transcript request form.

Please contact the Marian Office of the Registrar for assistance as needed.

Office of the Registrar


Current Students and 2020 Graduates

The school counseling office is responsible for issuing transcripts for current Marian students and 2020 graduates. These groups must request transcripts and teacher letters of recommendation for college applications through NAVIANCE.
  1. Log in to student's Naviance account;
  2. Click “Colleges I am applying to”; 
  3. Scroll down to ‘Where are you sending the transcript/s" drop down arrow;
  4. Select schools where the transcripts should be sent; 
  5. Click "DONE".

Naviance will alert the School Counseling Office to send transcripts and the teachers’ letters of recommendation to the selected institutions. School counselors are available to assist with Naviance as needed.

Transcript requests necessary for a scholarship application should be directed to the administrative assistant in the School Counseling office for more direct assistance and guidance.

Please contact the Marian School Counseling Office for assistance as needed.